Do you have a burning life question?

Debbie is the Psychic in Residence at New Idea Magazine, Australia, where she publishes a fortnightly column.

If you would like to enter the competition for a free reading to be published in the Magazine, please send us an email containing ALL the information outlined in the adjacent submission list. Unfortunately, submissions received without all the information required cannot be entered.

Please email your submissions to [email protected]





Reading submission list

  • Your full name (required for Debbie to tune into you correctly.) Your first name only will be published in the magazine, unless you choose to provide an alias
  • Your chosen alias, if required
  • Email address (essential as this is how we will contact you if required)
  • Telephone number (including domestic/international dialling codes)
  • Your date of birth (this must be correct)
  • Questions you would like to ask about yourself
  • Full name of any person you wish to enquire about
  • Date of birth of the person you wish to enquire about (this must be correct)
  • Questions you would like to ask about this person
  • Provide a clear, front-facing photograph of yourself and the other person. All images must be at least 10cm x 12cm and provide a clear view of the face (no sunglasses or pixelation.) Images will NOT BE published in the magazine. They are purely used for Debbie to tune in.




Please note, submitting a request does not guarantee a reading. All submissions are randomly selected for publication. Unfortunately, due to the number of submissions received each month, we are unable to respond to individual inquiries.

"Debbie's reading was astounding and so much of the information was spot on! It brought me great comfort and peace of mind about my future"

Lauren, Australia

"Debbie's reading of my late husband was so accurate! The tone of voice she was bringing through was as if my husband was standing in the room with us. I was amazed at Debbie's patience with him as he was proving as difficult to talk to in Spirit as he had been in life. We didn't have the easiest of marriages, but the reading provided an opportunity for my husband to apologise and for me to forgive him. Following the reading, I feel such a release and a sense of deep peace. I can now move on with my life and hope my husband can also move on in the afterlife. I am so very grateful to Debbie and to New Idea Magazine for publishing my reading."

Carrie-May, Australia