Australia's #1 Psychic Detective

As an internationally acclaimed Psychic Medium, Author, Psychic Detective and Spiritual Teacher, Debbie has spent more than 30 years assisting police departments around the globe with missing persons and murder investigations.

Debbie makes regular appearances in the media and is in high demand for speaking engagements and interviews on television and radio. 

A student of the prestigious Arthur Findlay College and a renowned Spiritual Teacher in her own right, Debbie regularly leads spiritual workshops and retreats. She is also Psychic in Residence at New Idea Magazine, Australia.

Debbie Malone – connecting you with your loved ones in Spirit!

"Debbie's insights into the criminal mind
are shocking and very real."
Colin McLaren - Former Detective Sergeant
Task Force Team Leader, Victoria Police
"Having worked with Debbie on real-life cases,
I can say that she is the real deal."
Roger Mayer APM - Ex Sergeant
NSWPF Dog Unit, 1988 - 2013


I'm Debbie


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Thirty years ago my life changed forever

Following a series of near-death experiences through illness and a miscarriage, I began to see dead people. I had no control over the nightly assault of terrifying visions which would turn night into a time to fear. I was frightened to go to sleep because these nightly events seemed to go on forever.  I would later learn I had just experienced a spiritual awakening and my life was about to take me down a very different path than I ever could have imagined!

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Debbie is a best-selling international author 


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Always With You

Debbie's extraordinary ability to communicate between two worlds - the living and the dead, will leave you with no doubt that our loved ones continue to exist on the other side of the veil. Her powerful messages from departed loved ones bring comfort, closure and healing, whilst also exploring our deepest questions about the human soul and the spirit world.

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"I'm so grateful I decided to book a reading with Debbie. It was a very spiritual, emotional and comforting experience where Debbie connected with my loved ones in Spirit and shared their love and messages with me. Debbie has an extraordinary gift and she delivers her readings with empathy, compassion and encouragement. Debbie and her team made the experience very special to me, from the seamless booking to the time after the reading. I encourage everyone who wants to connect with their loved ones to have a reading with Debbie. It's a beautiful experience." 


Intuitive Animals

With Debbie Malone

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Interview in the Spotlight

This week, I had the absolute pleasure of being interviewed, once again, by the amazing Shannon and Laura from Turns Out She's a Witch Podcast.

We are delighted to have Debbie returning to the pod to talk all things animals- from psychic pets being able to pick up on injuries and unwelcome visitors of the other world type - to animals in spirit, animal symbolism and even some listener tales for Debbie to analyse. Debbie also shares intriguing insights into her recent exploration of ancient landmarks throughout the United Kingdom. Always a fascinating chat with this marvellous Lady, with plenty of giggles thrown in for good measure. 

If you enjoyed this episode, why not head to the Media Gallery, where I share just some of the incredible interviews and podcasts I've had the pleasure of being involved in over the years 

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