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Debbie has an extraordinary ability to connect the worlds of the living and the dead. The powerful messages she shares from across the veil bring comfort, joy, closure and healing to those left behind

Connecting you with your loved ones in Spirit!

Debbie is a psychic, medium and clairvoyant. During your reading, Debbie will tune into your energy using a combination of photo reading, psychometry and numerology to hone into the areas of your life where you may be feeling blocks or require guidance.

Debbie's readings are blended psychic/mediumship readings, and throughout the course of the session, Debbie will connect you with your own Spiritual Team, including deceased loved ones, to provide you with powerful, evidential messages of love and support to help guide you on your future pathway in life.


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Always With You


I am only a thought away,

A short distance from you in time,

Although you cannot see me,

I will always give you a sign.


A feather floating from above,

Is a sign from me showering you with love,

The butterfly that flitters near,

Is a sign to show you that I am still here,

The coin you find is not a mistake,

It is from me to you, to pick up as a keepsake.


That gentle breeze you feel beside you,

The touch you feel on the side of your face,

Is a lingering glimpse that I haven't disappeared without a trace,

The familiar thoughts of me that pop into your mind,

Are memories of me that are left behind.


I will always be with you, whether you are near or far,

My light will keep guiding you, I am now your shining star,

Although on my passing there will be a time of separation,

Be assured in the future there will be a time of reunion,

And not of desperation.


My love for you will never die,

We will always be in each other's hearts,

Together, you and I.


Debbie Malone


Your loved ones in Spirit are always with you and just a thought away

Never Alone!

Showering you with love from above

Types of Reading

While Debbie no longer conducts in-person readings, she does continue to connect and engage with her clients via Zoom and telephone. Distance has proved to be no barrier to the strength of the connection Debbie is able to make to you and your
loved ones in Spirit.

How does the Reading process work?

After scheduling your reading with Debbie, you will be asked to forward photographs, birth dates and a list of questions for all people, both living and deceased, you wish Debbie to address during the reading. This information is required as Debbie uses a combination of photo reading, psychometry and numerology to connect with your Spiritual Team and deceased loved ones to prepare for your reading. Often, days before your reading, Debbie starts to receive very detailed messages in the form of visions, dreams and audible messages to pass on to you.

A reading with Debbie will last for 30 minutes or 60 minutes, depending on the duration booked. While recording the session is not permitted, Debbie advises you to take notes as you will be receiving a large amount of information, and she doesn't want you to miss any of the details. You will also have the opportunity to ask additional questions as they arise during the reading, and Debbie will address as many of these as time permits.

Debbie's readings have been described as comforting, healing, and transformative on many levels.

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Debbie is Psychic in Residence at New Idea Magazine, where she publishes a fortnightly column.

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