The Missing- a tribute

This page is dedicated to the memory of the missing and highlights just some of the unsolved missing persons and homicide cases Debbie has assisted with over the past 30 years.
If you have any information about any of these cases, please contact Crime Stoppers, as the families need answers and closure.









Niamh Maye

  • DOB: 1983
  • HAIR: Brown
  • BUILD: Medium
  • EYES: Brown
  • CIRCUMSTANCES: A highly intelligent and talented student, Niamh May had been fruit-picking during a gap year before starting university studies. She was last seen near Tumut, New South Wales, on 30 March 2002, while travelling to her sister's home in Sydney, to spend Easter with her family. Police and coronial investigations found that Niamh met with foul play, however, her remains have never been found. Both police and Niamh's family know that someone, somewhere, knows something and are hopeful that they will come forward with the information required to find Niamh's remains and reunite them with her family.

Bronwyn Joy Winfield

  • DOB:¬†1962
  • HAIR:¬†Light Brown
  • BUILD: MediumThin
  • EYES:¬†Green
  • CIRCUMSTANCES: Thirty-one-year-old Lennox Head, New South Wales, mother of two, Bronwyn Winfield was last seen at her home on 16 May 1993. It wasn't until 27 May, that her estranged husband reported her missing. Bronwyn left behind two children, then aged five and ten. Her body has never been found and there are grave concerns for her safety and welfare.

Lynette Melbin

  • DOB:¬†1957
  • HAIR:¬†Blonde
  • BUILD: Medium
  • EYES:¬†Hazel
  • CIRCUMSTANCES:¬†Fifteen-year-old Lynette¬†was a petite girl, standing at just 155 centimetres tall with fair hair and hazel eyes. She lived in Penrith with her family and twin sister, with who she was very close. Lynette was last seen on 5 June 1972, at Penrith Plaza,¬†with three friends. This is also where her mother worked. Police have been told that Lynette arranged with her mother to be collected from her boyfriend's house later that day. Lynette was never to be seen again and no contact has been made with family and friends to this date.


Lynette was reported missing to Penrith Police Station

Kay Docherty

  • DOB:¬†18 September 1963
  • HAIR:¬†Red
  • BUILD: Medium
  • EYES:¬†Hazel
  • CIRCUMSTANCES:¬†Fifteen-year-old Kay Docherty left her home in Martin Street, Warilla, New South Wales, at 6.30 pm on 27 July 1979. She went to the home of Toni Cavanagh (also missing.) Both girls left there at 7.30 pm. A letter was received by parents postmarked Darlinghurst on 1 August 1979. The girls have not been seen since.¬†

Toni Cavanagh

  • DOB:¬†10 January 1964
  • HAIR: Reddish Blonde¬†
  • BUILD:¬†Thin
  • EYES:¬†Blue
  • CIRCUMSTANCES:¬†Toni left her home at 7.30 pm on 27 July 1979 in the company of Kay Docherty. A letter was received by parents, postmarked Darlinghurst on 1 August 1979. Neither Toni nor Kay have been seen since.¬†

The girls were reported missing to Warilla Police Station.

Suspect Identikits

Debbie helped the police to construct these two identikits. Do you recognise either of these two men? They may be linked to the girl's disappearance. This is what the men would have looked like at the time of the girls' disappearance. 


This is a photograph of the letter the Docherty family received after Kay and Toni disappeared.