Spirit Photography

Spirits Captured on Film

It never ceases to amaze Debbie what she is able to capture on film.

Since the beginning of time, there have been reports of humans seeing, feeling, sensing, being frightened of or haunted by spirits. Over the years, Debbie has travelled to many locations around the world that are reportedly haunted. She has seen and experienced many unexplainable paranormal events.

In some cases, she has been lucky enough to capture spirit on film. This gallery contains some of the more intriguing images Debbie has captured, both on film and digitally with her cameras and iPhone.

It is not Debbie's job to make you believe or disbelieve. If the images contained within this gallery start to make you wonder what you are seeing and what you are not, her job has been done. Enjoy!

William Charles Wentworth (1790-1872)

Born in 1790, William Charles Wentworth was Australia's first barrister, establishing Australia's democratic rights and later was elected as a representative for the legislative council in the colony of New South Wales.

William's remains are interred at The Wentworth Mausoleum, which was once part of the 19th Century Vaucluse House Estate owned by the Wentworth family. The mausoleum is now heritage listed and a popular historic site for visitors, many of whom claim to have spotted the ghost of William!

This image was captured on my iPhone 6s during one of my night-time visits to the mausoleum. I had a sudden feeling somebody was standing in front of me. The hairs on the back of my neck and arms were literally standing up. I decided to take a photograph and then I spotted a man in front of me. I apologised profusely for blinding this poor man with my camera flash. However, the man did not respond and then disappeared. I thought it must have been my imagination but when I got home and looked at the photographs on my phone, there he was.  The image on the phone bears an uncanny resemblance to the portrait of William. What do you think?


Spirit Activity Captured Inside the Wentworth Mausoleum 

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War Memorial Home 

War Memorial Home was opened as part of the Burnside Presbyterian Orphan Homes in April 1922 at North Parramatta, New South Wales, Australia, as a memorial to soldiers killed in World War I. It was one of the larger homes at Burnside and was built to accommodate 70 children. It was a girls' home until 1937, then became a boys' home. It remained a cottage home until 1982. 

War Memorial Home, along with the other Burnside Presbyterian Orphan Homes for Children, was evacuated during World War II. War Memorial Home was the Operational Centre for the Eastern Command HQ of the Australian Army during World War II and was later converted to Burnside's offices in 1987. 

Ghost in the Bell Tower 

Can you spot the hooded figure standing to the left-hand side of the Bell Tower in the last image in the gallery above?  My mother worked at Memorial Home when I was a child.  I always hated sitting in the car with my father and brother waiting to pick her up from work. I felt we were being watched and it gave me the creeps. It wasn't until I was an adult that I would return on a ghost tour and capture this image. It seems we were being watched after all! 

Picton Ghosts 

The town of Picton is one of the most haunted towns in New South Wales, Australia. Located in Picton is a homestead that was built by the Anthill Family called Jarvisfield. It is now known as The Anthill Golf Club. 

The Anthill family home was once surrounded by 2000 acres of land. The hill overlooking the property is known as Vault Hill and this is where the Anthill family vault lies. 

Major Henry Colden Anthill came to Australia as an aide-de-camp to then-Governor Macquarie in 1810. Following Governor Macquarie's administration, Major Anthill was provided with 2000 acres of land upon which he built a small cottage for his family. It wasn’t until after his death that his son, John, constructed the building that is now the golf club and restaurant. The Wollondilly Shire Council now owns the building and leases it to the Antill Park Golf Club. 

There have been many reported sightings of ghosts over the years at this location. I first visited Jarvisfield while I was on a ghost tour with local historian Liz Vincent. Liz invested much of her time into the research of the Wollondilly Shire. The first ghost tour I went on was on Friday 13 June, 2003. It was, unsurprisingly, a night I will never forget as I captured many images of orbs and spirit mist. On the way home I saw the famous German Shepherd ghost dogs on the road leaving Picton and then I encountered the spirit of a murdered man on the bridge who jumped onto the bonnet of my car and came in through the vehicle through the front windscreen. It certainly was an action-packed night. Below are just some of the images that I have captured over the years at the Jarvisfield homestead and surrounding areas of Picton. 

Anthill Golf Course Car Park 

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Anthill Homestead 

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The Redbank Range Train Tunnel (Ghost Bridge) 

The Redbank Range Train Tunnel is one of the most haunted locations in Picton, with the presence of Emily, a lady who was hit and killed by a train in the tunnel, appearing on regular occasions.  A hooded man is also active in this spot and can often be spotted inside the tunnel. 

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Maitland Gaol 

Maitland Gaol was the longest, continuously operated gaol in Australia. Officially opening in December 1848, it did not close its doors to the final inmate until 29 January 1998. During its time, the gaol was home to some of Australia's most hardened criminals, such as Ivan Milat, Arthur' Neddy' Smith, the Murphy Brothers and Darcy Dugan. 

Constructed from sandstone sourced from the local areas of Morpeth and Farley, Maitland Gaol retains much of its original structure and is the most intact country gaol in New South Wales.   

In 1999, I participated in a television show called "Scream Test", a reality TV show where contestants had to stay the night in some of Australia's most haunted locations by themselves, armed only with a video camera, temperature gauge and an EMF metre. Of course, my chosen location was Maitland Gaol, one of the worst gaols in Australia. This visit would prove to be a challenge I would remember for many years. 

During filming, the ghosts of past inmates decided to enact their revenge. While in one of the cells, I was physically attacked by an unseen opponent, resulting in deep red strangulation welts on my neck. These welts would remain on my neck for the next 18 months, often deepening in colour while conducting client readings. Eighteen months would pass before I finally plucked up the courage to return to the gaol to rid myself of the entity attached to me. From that day forward, the welts disappeared, and the entity was banished. 

Attacked by a Spirit!

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